An overview of Matry Lab's, a highly focused, cross-discipline and community-centric Team

Matry Labs

The Matry Labs team consists of a family of blockchain engineers, crypto enthusiasts and its entrepreneurial founding team.

Our overall team experience includes a deep wealth of knowledge and financial industry pedigree. We have provided our services in the past to:

Kristopher "Leo" Ian


Leo is the founder of Matry Labs. Leo's technical background consists of a plethora of disciplines, including programming, design and leadership. Leo's main experience has predominantly been gained as a Software Engineer for over 15 years, with an additional combined high-level of expertise in UI/UX Architecture.

Leo's Endorsements (LinkedIn)

Leo has received praise in the form of endorsements on LinkedIn, for his contributions to multi-billion dollar projects, from the likes of Samsung and (see Kristopher "Leo" Ian's LinkedIn page for more detail:

During his career, Leo gained invaluable experience leading Software Consultancy teams within financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Deloitte & BNP Paribas and has also delivered software solutions for Apple, Emirates, Bosch, Vodafone, H&M, Chelsea Football Club as well as several other commercial brands. Leo has exposure with a wide array of technologies and disciplines, which include:





Blockchain Engineering

UI/UX Design

Project Management

RESTful API Design


Product Ownership

Server Management


Team Management


3D Modelling

Lead Dev Experience

UI Development


Art Sim

Operations Manager

Art is a well rounded, multi-talented and very popular member of the Matry Labs team and community. Art has extensive past experience as Head of IT. He has consistently been able to help with pushing the development of new deliverables - such as project lifecycle phases, documentation publishing as well as promptly supporting the Matry Community with any general queries they may have or support they may need. Art's contributions and skillset includes:

  • Community Management Overseeing Community Management of the Matry Project

  • Product Delivery Ensuring the product features are completed and delivered within expected timeframes

  • Project Support Adhoc contributions towards various Matry aspects and tasks

Dan Omo

Community Manager

Dan is an experienced Community Manager with over 2 years of experience. Having served within the Community Management space with successful projects such as Swipe (See Swipe's Telegram Group) and currently lends his services to upcoming project LitEntry, with a community of over 10,000+ members. Dan's strengths and expertise include:

  • Member Support Guiding and supporting community members with general queries and frequently asked questions

  • Anti-Spam / Anti-Scam Protects the community from potential malicious content or users

  • Airdrops and Promotions Assists with the delivery of new Airdrops and Community Promotions

Matry Labs Culture

Overall, Matry Labs are a very friendly and dedicated team. We have a deep passion for user-experience and strive to provide the most beautiful, responsive and painless experience for users of our suite of tools.

We are a decentralized team, with extremely high ambitions, work ethic and endless positive energy. We strive to be a core component of the NFT space for decades to come and help push organic growth of Web3 technology as a whole.

Please re-visit this section of Matry's documentation for further updates. We aim to continuously refine and add further depth to all of our documentation in order to improve our community member's experience with the Matry Protocol. Please stay tuned for announcements in:

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