Token Swaps

Trading of NFT staking rewards, for other ERC-20 tokens such as MATRY

Similar to popular AMMs, the Matry protocol allows users to trade popular ERC-20 tokens via the Swap interface. Matry's focus and overall purpose however, is much more NFT-centric and allows users to trade their staked (and backed) NFT rewards, called mTokens, for other ERC-20 tokens.

For example:

a) User acquires a new NFT (created via the Matry Protocol), which has DeFi properties, such as a staking features

b) User receives passive NFT staking rewards, in the form of mBTC on a weekly basis

c) User visits the Swap feature of Matry, and trades his/her mBTC for mADA (a Matry minted ERC-20 token, price-pegged token to the ADA price, via Chainlink oracle)

d) User receives mADA, and withdraws to their Ethereum wallet, to add to their long-term holdings

Please re-visit this section of Matry's documentation for further updates. We aim to continuously refine and add further depth to all of our documentation in order to improve our community member's experience with the Matry Protocol. Please stay tuned for announcements in:

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