Future Technologies

The future of innovation for Matry is bright

The Matry protocol, is a platform which will constantly evolve and change the NFT landscape, from Gaming, Art, Digital Collectibles - Matry will prove to be a highly valuable asset to the NFT space for the foreseeable future. Future protocol enhancements will include implementations of NFT Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data.

The Matry offering has only just begun, our team and community will enjoy a rich and wide spectrum of evolution, engagement and inclusive involvement. Join the Matry community and be a part of our journey up and onwards. Our team is quickly growing and we are always open to new talented team member acquisition. We look foward to growing together as a part of a global Matry family.

Please re-visit this section of Matry's documentation for further updates. We aim to continuously refine and add further depth to all of our documentation in order to improve our community member's experience with the Matry Protocol. Please stay tuned for announcements in: t.me/Matry_io

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