NFT Creation

Users may build NFTs from the ground up with the Matry NFT Framework

The Matry NFT Framework

Creating an NFT with DeFi-Layered features is an entirely new concept which has not previously existed within the NFT space. As a part of the Matry NFT Framework, creators and developers have access to a wide array of built-in DeFi-NFT Lego blocks. This enables NFTs to now be created with powerful DeFi functionalities and algorithmic behaviors. More specifically, NFTs may contain other nested and time-released NFTs or Tokens, or may even be stakable on a periodic basis.

Other interesting features within a gaming metaverse environment, may include NFT user-destruction or self-destruction. Rewards may also be released in such dynamic scenarios - the possibilities are endless and Matry Labs are a highly ambitious group whom will always aim to excite our community with new features, as often as possible.

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