Architectural Overview

A glance at the overall structure of the Matry protocol

The Matry protocol consists of sophisticated yet elegant software architectural design. Matry utilizes Pooling technology from Uniswap V2 and essentially creates an extremely powerful NFT manufacturing plant - which is able to power an all new NFT 2.0 era.

The Matry protocol will transform the NFT industry, adding a key new layer to the Web3 paradigm.

Matry's key components include the following 5 instruments:

  1. NFT Creation

  2. NFT Staking

  3. NFT Liquidity

    1. Staking Liquidity Pools

    2. Trading Liquidity Pools

  4. Token Swaps

  5. Governance

Please re-visit this section of Matry's documentation for further updates. We aim to continuously refine and add further depth to all of our documentation in order to improve our community member's experience with the Matry Protocol. Please stay tuned for announcements in:

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