An introduction to Matry

Current state of the overall NFT Marketplace

The current global NFT Market Size is currently valued at $11B+ USD, according to combined sources, cross-chain. However, the current overall NFT space is predominantly illiquid, meaning the majority of NFT assets are not always sold at high-volume frequency. For instance, works of art may be acquired as an NFT. However, new owners may not easily sell this digital asset in a short or mid-term timeframe. In an ideal world, this would not impose an issue - if NFT owners were able to earn a passive income stream from his or her asset.
An illiquid asset market, of any nature, results in a lack of market movement and stagnation

Introducing the Matry Protocol

Matry is an automated NFT Liquidity Protocol, powering next-gen NFT 2.0 monetization. Users can build or back powerful, DeFi-Layered NFT collections. NFTs built with Matry's NFT Framework, can yield a unique, time-released, passive staking reward matrix. Reward matrices include wider real-world market exposure, with price-pegged "m" Token derivatives such as mBTC, mETH, mSOL, mGOLD, mOIL, mUSD and many more, backed by user-pooled liquidity. The Matry protocol brings on-chain liquidity, by enabling NFT buyers to acquire NFTs which return residual income from a wide range of price-pegged derivative assets, known as "m" Tokens. This process is known as NFT Staking.
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Current state of the overall NFT Marketplace
Introducing the Matry Protocol