Staking Liquidity Pools

General information regarding NFT Staking Liquidity Pools

The NFT Staking Liquidity Pool by definition is a new and exciting innovation. It allows for funds to be provided by supporters of a specific NFT Project which they believe will be a success. These funds are then used as collateral for the creation of "m" Tokens. mTokens are then automatically minted and distributed to the NFT Owners, whom the original NFT Creator had previously created and sold their NFTs to, as rewards.

NFT Staking Liquidity Pools enable NFT Stakers of promising NFT Projects to receive dynamically minted staking rewards.

The frequency of the distribution would greatly depend on the original configurations the NFT Creator had selected at the NFT creation stage and were deployed as part of the Smart Contract behind the NFT, which is being staked.

Example of providing Staking Liquidity on Matry

For example:

a) A new NFT project called CryptoBirds emerges and is becoming popular amongst the Crypto space. The founders decide to create a new DeFi NFT collection via Matry's NFT Creation feature. The team then creates a pool requiring ETH and USDC as collateral, to allow NFT Staking to begin for their NFT buyers to receive different mTokens such as mETH, mUSD, mGOLD, mOIL, mADA, depending on the NFT configuration they selected via Matry's NFT Creation platform, for each unique NFT within the collection.

b) Users, we may call NFT Backers, provide liquidity for the staking of the new NFT Project, by contributing to the ETH and USDC pool, which was created by the original CryptoBirds founders. NFT Backers have provided a 50/50 split of ETH and USDC, as specified by the CryptoBirds founders. NFT Backers will now receive passive MATRY tokens as rewards for their ETH and USDC contribution, for as long as their Liquidity Pool position remains open.

c) Owners of CryptoBirds NFTs, will now receive mToken Staking rewards (mETH, mUSD, mGOLD, mOIL etc.), provided enough liquidity has been added by NFT Backers, or is available at any given stage. The amount staked will vary, based on Liquidity and the CryptoBirds NFT(s) they have purchased, as each NFT within a collection, may return different reward matrices / combinations.

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