NFT Staking

Passive, time-released rewards for NFT owners

The process of being able to earn cryptocurrencies, passively, for simply being the owner of a specific NFT (which yields such rewards), is called NFT Staking.

Owning an NFT created with Matry, enables users to stake their NFT assets on a periodic basis - whether daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, this may depend on the NFT and its specific DeFi configurations which were selected by the original NFT creator.

Staking options for NFTs created with Matry, primarily consist of dynamically minted "m" Token derivatives which are price-pegged to major cryptocurrencies and real world market assets. Stakeable tokens include: mBTC, mETH, mADA, mSOL, mUSD, mGOLD, mOIL and more.

Staking Reward Matrix Model

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